How To Lose Weight Naturally

A positive result that involves weight loss is something that many crave but their actions simply don't allow for this to occur.

When things don't happen, such as seeing a difference on a set of scales, many people conclude that their efforts are not working and then either quit or go in search of alternative plans, diets or programs that they hope will turn the tide and show some results.

lose weight naturallyOften, the cycle repeats itself and failure after failure dooms the person to the unhappy state of comfort eating to help deal with the depression that follows, resulting in an out of control spiral of weight gain.

So how do you stop that happening?

One way is in understanding how to lose those excess pounds naturally, that is by not jumping on the latest greatest slimming or dieting hype bandwagon and trying every type of fad diet or exercise DVD under the sun.

It is by literally ditching all the sales hype and poor advice and get back to absolute basics. It isn't hard to do really, but it does take a shift in your perception of what is right and what is wrong!

Selling People the Dream

In the case of the weight loss industry, what is wrong is in trying to sell the concept of "you will lose weight if you try this diet, or that plan." That is nothing more than playing on people's needs by supplying a product they are cajoled into believing they need, when really what they need is education and understanding.

Understanding what goes on in your body is the key to unlocking the not very well kept secret of how to lose weight naturally. Knowing that when you consume a certain amount of calories, you must then burn the exact equivalent in work (exercise) to maintain you current weight, is a start in the right direction.

Once you realize this fundamental fact about the state of your body, you can then start learning more and using the many really effective weight loss tips and advice that is available from a variety of sources. The most important thing to know is how many calories you will ingest through the food you eat and what you drink (with the emphasis on the amount of sugars present in the food and drinks).

Also, be aware of the fact that muscle tissue weighs more than fat by volume. It is the fat that you intend to lose, while gaining muscle mass.

Building Muscle Strength

That means, when you exercise and build muscle strength, which is what you want to achieve through exercise, you will initially not lose any pounds according to the scales. But you will be losing some of the excess flab that has accumulated around your midriff or tops of your legs.

Your body will start to look better as the store of fat is gradually used up to be replaced by more, denser muscle tissue. As time goes by, you will then begin to lose more of those unwanted pounds as you lose more in terms of stored fat than you gain in terms of muscle tissue.

The upshot of gaining muscle tissue and increasing muscle strength through regular exercise is that your metabolism will improve and you will burn more calories as you exercise than you did before. This means you will lose those pounds faster until you eventually achieve your target body size and shape.

It also means that once you achieve this target, that you should not try to then exceed this by forcing your diet and exercise regime past the level that you need it to be. This is a situation that few dieters will need to face, but you should be aware that once you have your ideal body size, shape and weight, that you only need to diet and exercise in order to maintain that situation and you will have a longer and more healthy life because of it.