Weight Loss

The topic of losing weight is a vast subject that encompasses a huge variety of techniques, methods and strategies that all boil down to the process of reducing the excess level of weight a person carries while bring their body shape and size back to a normal and natural level that can be maintained more easily. This article looks at the very process of weight loss, investigates what it means to the people who need it in order to enjoy a healthy way of life and better prospects for a longer and happier life.

The process of weight loss is, by definition a very simple one, but despite this, there are so many people who simply fail to achieve success when they embark upon any kind of program to help them to do this. Why is this and what can be done to overcome this unfortunate situation?


cheating on a dietThe main reason that people fail to lose any of their excess pounds when they try to is because they cheat. Okay, that's a harsh thing to say, but if you were to place your hand on your heart and really be honest with yourself, you would have to admit that you failed to lose any weight not because the diet or exercise plan was faulty, but because you simply either didn't stick to the program like you should have, or you cheated when you thought no one was looking!

Cheating at a weight loss plan of any kind is often not even something we realise that we're doing, which is why often the people who have cheated will swear blind that they didn't cheat. It can happen when we're exercising but not putting 100% of our effort into doing the routines. Or cutting short the number of reps, or using lighter weights than those specified, or not running or swimming the full distance etc.

It can happen with a diet where we may feel hungry in between meals and absent mindedly snack on a packet of potato chips or a piece of leftover pizza we find in the fridge! Or we simply put more food on our plate than the diet specifies without noticing. You see, cheating doesn't necessarily mean doing it deliberately. We can cheat by default and that's the hardest thing to correct when we don't know that we're doing it!


commitment to losing weightAnother reason for failure is lack of 100% commitment, or the determination and drive and desire to want to achieve that goal no matter what. Success comes to those who really focus on what they want, make it absolutely clear in their minds what it is they want to achieve then set about doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

That might sound like an arduous task to most people. But when you think about it, if you're going through life not achieving anything of any value to you, then aren't you cheating yourself out of the things you are capable of achieving?

If one of those things is a healthier, better looking body, then when would NOW be the right time to make the change? You have the power to drive your life and to make things happen that are within your control. And your weight, body shape and health are totally 100% within your power to control, no matter what anyone else tells you.

So stop finding excuses and start doing what it takes to alter the situation that you want to alter, because you want it!