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People can read about how Nutrisystem diets work in helping many thousands of dieters to lose weight successfully and why it works so well.

This unbiased review is a reference for people who are considering signing up with Nutrisystem.

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People realize that losing weight can vastly improve their quality of life. Often, it just takes the right weight loss solution to be presented at the right time.

But you might have already decided Nutrisystem is for you and simply need to get started. You can go ahead and choose one of the popular and highly successful diet meal plans and grab a great deal right now by clicking your mouse on the promotional advertisement to the left for more details.

So what's new for this year? We take a look at the latest deals, improvements and ongoing successes with a great new update for 2023 and beyond!

Notice some of the key features of Nutrisystem that we have set out below and you'll see why it is America's #1 diet meal delivery company. Consider these benefits:

Benefits of Nutrisystem in 2023

This review will present both the positive and negative aspects of the program to enable you to make an informed decision that signing up with Nutrisystem is the right choice for you or not.

What is Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem started in business in the 1970s with store-based weight loss outlets that provided diet programs for their customers. The store chain grew steadily as the popularity of Nutrisystem's diet program grew.

With the advent of the Internet, their business went online to a web-based format where it could reach many more people in need of their particular brand of easy meals that are packaged up and shipped out to customers homes.

Today, the company is America's #1 meal replacement diet provider and has thousands of satisfied customers on one or other of their diet programs at any one time.

How Does Nutrisystem Work?

Nutrisystem measurement chartThe way it works is simplicity itself from the dieters point of view. Signing up is an easy process via the official Nutrisystem website, which you can easily go directly to by clicking the promotional image banner in the top right corner of this very page, which is displaying their latest great special offer.

Once you pay for your diet program with a credit card or other means, your order is put together and shipped out to your home. You will receive your package within a few days.

Once you receive it, simply unpack the food parcels and store the individual meal packets somewhere suitable, like a cool pantry.

Some meals will be fresh frozen (if you chose either the Uniquely Yours or Uniquely Yours Ultimate plan) and come in a separate package. These will need to be stored in your domestic freezer and will not take up all that much room, so mot regular freezers will be able to accommodate them.

Read through the literature that comes with your package to make sure you understand everything and then get started. This is the easy part!

Take each meal as you need it out of its packaging and follow the simple instructions. Some meals you eat cold and need no preparation. Others you eat hot and need just a minute or two in the microwave. Remember to put the food on a microwave safe plate or dish and when it's ready, just eat and enjoy!

That's about all you need to do. Eat and lose weight!

The Benefits of the Nutrisystem Diet

There are many benefits that you will read about in this and other Nutrisystem reviews articles and these are especially handy for people who don't have a lot of spare time. Meals are ready to eat in a minute or two so there is no waiting around for stuff to cook.

You don't have to prepare anything or cook anything. Just unpack, microwave (if it's a hot meal) and eat. It really is that simple!

Nutrisystem beef with rice and beansThere is no need to go to the store to buy food, although if you feel you need to add anything to the meals, Nutrisystem have a list of recommended foods that you can get, but this is only a recommendation. It is not obligatory.

So if you can get by with just the food they send, all the better for you. The whole idea behind the program is that everything is done for your convenience to make your life as easy as it is possible to be.

The meals are balanced with approximately 40 percent proteins, 30 percent low GI (Glycemic Index) carbohydrates and 30 percent unsaturated fats and fiber. They contain all the necessary nutrients you need to maintain good health while being low in calories.

The aim is for you to eat below 1800 calories per day when you combine all the meals for each day and add up their total calories.

The meals are varied and tasty, with hundreds of different meals in the overall collection across all the diet plans. This means that you can order a month's worth of meals and literally not have to eat the same main meal twice in that month if you don't want to.

Variety really is the spice of life and a varied diet means you will not get bored, meaning you are much more likely to stick with the diet right to the end and achieve the weight loss goals you have set for yourself.

The overall advantages of being on this diet is that it is structured, low calorie and nutritious so that you eat healthily while you lose weight in a uniform, regular way. It is easy and takes almost none of your valuable free time, leaving more for you to do the things that are important in your life.

This is why so many people turn to Nutrisystem to help them lose weight while being able to get on with their lives without any hassle or complications that regular diets can throw up. It is convenient dieting personified!

The Disadvantages of Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem Cara lost 30 poundsThere are some disadvantages and it is fair to mention them here to keep this review balanced and honest. This is not meant to try and put anybody off signing up with Nutrisystem, but it is intended to inform you of what to expect.

When you are fully prepared for a diet and know about all its ups and downs, then you are better equipped to go into it with your eyes wide open and not have to worry about any surprises being sprung upon you!

The meal portions themselves are generally smaller than what many people are used to. This is deliberate because part of the program is reeducating your body to get used to eating less. When you get used to eating smaller meals, you can carry this on long after you complete the diet and not have the worry of putting the weight back on again.

Eating smaller portions is the way to lose weight and one of the reasons you probably gained weight in the first place was through eating too big a meals. So embrace the smaller meals and work with them. After all, you are doing this to lose weight!

The Nutrisystem Cost is something that some people see as a disadvantage, but really you have to look at it from the perspective of it being a complete meal replacement program. So you have to add up everything that you would normally eat in four weeks and then deduct that figure from the price of a month's worth of Nutrisystem meals.

You may well find that you are not spending much more than you already do and you are getting a low calorie diet that is going to help you lose weight instead of spending that money on food that was making you gain weight!

Nutrisystem Auto Delivery

The auto delivery system needs to be understood.

When you sign up for one of the standard plans, you are automatically put on the auto delivery system. This is great when you intend to do the diet for two or more months, which you probably should in any case as four weeks is really not long enough to get the full, long-term benefit of any diet.

Some people get confused by this system and think they can get all the discount offers and free shipping on their first month and simply cancel the second and that is the end of it.

This is not the case. If you order a single month at the full price, then there is no problem, but if you take any of the offers, then part of the contract is that you must take at least one additional month at the full price. If you try and cancel before that, you may be billed for the difference plus the shipping. Just so that you know.

Nutrisystem Discount Code

There is often widespread talk of being able to save money on this company's diet plans by using what are known as discount codes or online coupons. These used to exist all over the place, were written about in many reviews online.

You needed to enter the code at the Nutrisystem website to get a discount or some special bonus offer. But not any more.

More recently however, these codes and coupons have been discontinued in favor of incorporating their special offers into a global deal that all websites that carry their advertising banners can pass on to customers. So the image banners we carry on this page will entitle you to take part in the current offer as advertised on the banner (the kind of offer changes from time to time).

So instead of having to go hunting across the web for elusive coupons which no longer exist, all you need to do is click one of the image banners advertising Nutrisystem on this page to be redirected to their website with your offer already pre-approved!

See the image banner top right or along the bottom of this page for details of their current exciting offer and then simply click your mouse on the image to take advantage of the offer advertised! They like to keep things simple and this is another great and really easy way to get your bonus!


If you:

then Nutrisystem is for you!

Nutrisystem is for people who want to lose weight in the easiest way possible. It takes all the hassle out of dieting and leaves you free to live your life while getting healthier in the process.

If these things are important to you and you want to have a diet that gives you this freedom while letting you lose weight at a safe, measured and definite pace, then Nutrisystem is for you.

We hope this review has given you all the information about this diet that you need to make that fully informed decision as to whether this is the diet program for you or not. If you decide that it is, then please take advantage of the special offer advertised with our compliments and click your mouse on the banner image below for more details:

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Yes, count me in! I know I need to lose weight as easily as possible and improve the quality of my life!

For further information, you can read the following articles that are also published on and cover the following aspects of this diet meal delivery program. We investigate does Nutrisystem work, while explaining and simplifying the Auto-Delivery system as well as looking at the quality and types of the many meals that make up their extensive menu.

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