About The Author

The author created this knowledge base and information website which is designed to provide viable solutions to help people to lose weight by a variety of means. The articles form a set of informational pieces that are written by the author (and represent his own personal opinions based on his experience in the field of medicine, diet and nutrition.

dr g singhDr G. Singh graduated from King's College London School of Medicine, London in 1975 and has worked as a GP for the last 30 years. His reputation grew as a successful local diet expert specializing in natural methods of nutrition to help people to lose weight.

He continued his research and studies and created several health based websites to put his experience and knowledge into a published format that would be seen by many more people than he could ever have done through a static local practice. This website is one that allows this knowledge and experience to reach a global audience.


The information provided in the articles published on this website is not intended to be used in place of the professional medical advice of your own doctor. This website is not meant as a tutorial or a health manual in any way shape or form.

The author therefore accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any misuse of the information provided or failures when this information is applied. Losing weight is a personal undertaking and even when exactly the same measures are followed, results will differ from person to person because of the individual nature of each person's needs, circumstances and lifestyle choices.