Speed Up Metabolism

One of the best ways in which you can get your body to burn more of the calories that you are putting into it is by doing things to speed up metabolism. This is a natural process which can lead to greater levels of weight loss when done in the right way. There are several tried and tested ways in which to do this and we shall look at the most effective of these in this article.


There are no better ways in which to speed up your metabolism than by getting regular exercise. The more you get, the more you will be boosting your metabolic rate to higher levels that will in turn burn more energy and lead to faster weight reduction. The best forms of exercise to achieve a high metabolism are the cardiovascular types, which include aerobic exercises and those which cause you to breathe more heavily, raise your heart rate and cause you to break out in a sweat.

They can be anything from working out in a gym to swimming or even walking for weight loss! These exercises need to be maintained at a sufficient level for as long as you can do them for. More than 20 minutes is recommended as this is the point at which your body will have depleted the blood sugar levels to the point where the body must burn body fat to replace the energy transported to the muscles.

Daily cardiovascular exercise will increase your metabolism considerably, where you will be burning far more calories than anything else can cause you to do on its own, However, there are additional things you can do to help the process to be even more efficient.


By combining cardiovascular exercise with drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea or sports drinks, you can achieve a high metabolic rate quickly and use more body fat when exercising hard. Even better than these drinks is green tea, which while lower in caffeine content, it contains properties that act with caffeine to further increase the metabolic rate while being safer and less likely to cause nervous problems or insomnia.


The old chestnut of eating a healthy diet is really true when it comes to increasing your metabolism. When you eat a high carbohydrate diet or one high in processed, junk food, your metabolism will be retarded and become sluggish, which is why these foods cause such a relatively rapid weight gain problem. But switching to a high protein diet that is low in carbohydrates, particularly those that have a high Glycemic Index (GI) rating and by cutting out foods that contain refined sugar and processed, junk foods, you can significantly increase your metabolism.

Dietary Fiber

It has also been found that by including the recommended level of dietary fiber each day will also increase metabolism because it not only aids complete digestion of food but also stimulated the intestines and colon to more efficiently deal with waste products. Studies have shown that when the colon becomes clogged with undigested food, the body's metabolism can become seriously compromised.

In fact, an alarming statistic has been uncovered that indicated that the average American adult is walking around with something like 7lbs of undigested red meat lodged in their colon. No wonder obesity is so rife among the adult population!

A sluggish colon can be cause by eating too much processed food that is unfortunately lacking in any form of dietary fiber. So by increasing your intake of healthy fiber, you can be increasing your body's processing power and improving your overall level of health at the same time.

Increase Your Metabolism

When you increase your metabolism, you do your body a whole range of good, from improving its health and fitness levels to reducing body weight and depleting body fat to the point where you begin to look and feel good. Weight loss is dependent on a high metabolic rate.

That is something that is best achieved through a combination of the above points. You will find that they provide all the best ways to do this in order to enjoy good health, abundant energy levels and to be walking around in a great looking, slim and well toned body.