South Beach Diet Review

As an effective means of dieting to lose weight, this particular program is one of the better of its kind. Many people have lost weight using this system and in the long term have managed to keep it off by following its teachings and methods. The diet itself is divided into three main phases, which get progressively more lenient with what you can and cannot eat as you progress.

The first phase is naturally the toughest. But this is necessary to set your body into fat burning mode but cutting out a lot of high sugar or sugar producing foods like carbohydrates. This is essential to cause your body to revert from processing sugar into glucose for energy and instead burning fat. It is also to get you used to losing weight through what you eat in preparation for the next phase which continues the process. This is how it all works.

South Beach Diet Phase 1

This is also the shortest phase and lasts only two weeks. But in those two weeks you will eat a fairly restricted diet that totally excludes all carbohydrates, nuts and fruits, but allows you to eat lean beef and other meats and high protein foods, but not roasted meats such as roast chicken. The reason for this is to stop the body using carbs to generate energy. When this happens, the body must find a source for its energy and it gets it from its store of fat. In short, this phase of the program forces your body to burn fats to produce energy, while using the high protein foods to build muscle. Meal size is pretty small because calories must be restricted and in this phase you should expect to lose the most weight in the shortest time.

South Beach Diet Phase 2

The next phase is a lot more easy going and allows fruits and some nuts and seeds back into your daily diet. Carbs are still restricted but not forbidden in this phase as your body is already used to burning fat to get energy. This phase lasts longer than the first and while your menu is wider and more varied, the size of your meals remains fairly small to restrict calories. You will lose weight more slowly during this phase as well, so don't try to rush things along but take it at the pace it is meant to be.

South Beach Diet Phase 3

This final phase is really the long term section of the program where it can last as long as you want to keep yourself slim and in good healthy shape. Meal sizes are more relaxed but still reasonably small. This is important as you don't want to get back into old habits of eating large meals ever again. Most foods are allowed, although certain carbohydrate rich foods are still restricted and definitely no processed foods or junk food. All through the program, you are advised not to drink soda, although they do allow diet soda. It's your call, but whatever anyone says, the absolute best thing to drink is plain water.

As a side note, you should try and wean yourself off all soda drinks, whether sugar-free or not. This is because the low calorie variety contain artificial sweeteners that have been proved to increase the cravings for high sugar or high GI carb rich foods. This can potentially derail your diet and impact your ability to lose those excess pounds effectively.

Looking to Get Started?

If you're seriously considering getting started with this great diet program, there is no time to lose. Don't hesitate or dither because you'll lose that keen edge of eagerness that is propelling you forward right now to take action and do something really positive about your weight, health and body size.

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