Skipping is Exercise

There are plenty of ways on which to lose that extra weight through a myriad of exercise forms, but few can come close to being as much fun and as effective with it as skipping.

In fact, skipping is one of the easiest to do and also best forms of cardio vascular exercise there is. So if you haven't taken up your skipping rope yet, then maybe now is the time to go get it out of wherever you have it stored away, or if you don't have one, then go out and buy one.

skipping to loe weightFor cost effectiveness when it comes to weight loss apparatus, the skipping rope falls into the least expensive group. As far as ease of use goes, there are not too many pieces of equipment that are simpler to use.

The best part of all is that if you are limited for space, a skipping rope takes up almost no storage room at all, it is fast to pack up and stow away for later use and you don't even need any specialist area set aside for using it.

Is Skipping Easy to Do?

In fact, all you need is enough room to spread your arms out either side of you plus enough headroom for the rope to swing to its highest arc, which is usually no more than two feet above your head. This is a form of exercise that is easy to do on your own, as you really don't need anyone else's help or supervision and you can do it for as long as you want, depending upon your stamina level.

It is important to keep it up for as long as possible and exceeding twenty minutes of sustained skipping will cause your body to start burning fat as this is the length of time it takes for the exercise you are doing to burn up all the sugars present in your bloodstream. After that time your body must continue to provide more energy for your muscles to keep working, and that is taken from the fat store.

You Can Do It!

If you think you may have trouble getting going and keeping up the swinging and jumping process, think again. This is something that most kids did when they were in the school playground and while some were better at it than others, most had a go at it and could manage to jump the rope as the two kids at either end swung it for all they were worth.

You can practise this in the privacy of your own home and no one needs to see you making your mistakes except you. The way to get good at this is to learn from your mistakes and to persevere.

This is because most often when people succeed or fail to lose weight at whatever their chosen weight loss exercise method may be, the outcome is dictated by their ability to persevere or not. Those that persevere are the ones who succeed because they don't let failure get in the way of their success. You shouldn't either and then you will succeed at losing weight and improving your health too.