Dukan Diet Review

People who want to lose weight through dieting can read this review of the amazing Dukan Diet and find out how easy, effective and enjoyable it can be.

does the dukan diet workThis is a diet program that fulfils people's expectations by delivering success through its structured food strategy.

And that makes it very, very attractive to people who want to lose some weight with a diet they can easily follow and stick with.

Especially as you get to eat a lot of the things you really love to eat.

The first thing people often seem to want to know is if it works and how easy it is to maintain the diet.

Well, it helps to get an outline of the main benefits of this program so you can se for yourself what you can expect from working on it yourself.

Take a look at these effective benefits:

Benefits of the Dukan Diet

In a nutshell, you get to eat some great food while your body learns to burn fat for energy. This causes a fairly rapid, albeit still safe rate of weight loss at the outset, which then becomes more moderate as you get further along the program.

How Does the Dukan Diet Work?

As I already mentioned, this is a structured program that aims to re-educate your body to burn more fat for energy and deplete its store of fat cells. This results in loss of weight, which is the whole reason for dieting! The program is divided into four main parts, or phases as we shall see below:

Phase 1: Attack Phase!

Dukan Diet Phase 1The first phase acts as a short shock to force the body to stop relying on sugars from carbohydrates and sweet foods for energy and to instead get its energy from burning its store of fat. In this part of the program, you are fairly restricted on what you can eat, as all carbohydrates are off the menu.

But it does mean that you get to eat lots of protein rich foods like many types of meats, fish and dairy products that are chosen to make you start losing weight right away. There are actually 68 high protein items on this menu, so don't worry about getting bored. If you like prime steaks and most other quality cuts of meat (and let's face it many red blooded Americans do!), you are in for a real treat!

Phase 2: Cruise Phase

Dukan Diet Phase 2After you get past the first phase, you get to relax the restrictions on the menu and some carbohydrates are re-introduced. That means you are not stuck on a high fat diet for the whole time, but can get the nutrients your body needs from 32 kinds of fresh vegetables.

During this part of the program, you alternate days with one day of proteins only and the next with proteins and vegetables to keep things interesting and varied. It is designed to bring you to your true weight over a period of time which is roughly three days for every pound you have chosen to lose.

Phase 3: Consolidation Phase

Dukan Diet Phase 3This phase is meant to consolidate the weight lost in the first two phases, hence its name. It prepares you for your return to a normal, balanced diet that you will have gotten used to eating and made new, healthy habits of your food choices.

It also helps prevent the biggest problem dieters face, which is weight gain after a diet is completed. You are allowed some "forbidden foods" by way of celebrating your success up to this point. This part of the program will last for five days for every pound you lost during the Cruise Phase.

Phase 4: Permanent Stabilization Phase

This phase is the best one as it makes up the rest of your life. In the previous phases you will have learned healthy eating patterns and developed good habits about food. This continues the healthy eating patterns that you can stay with and never gain weight again. All the while you stick with this plan, you must promise yourself to do three things, which are:

It really is pretty easy to stick to this long term plan and of course you will want to because you will never want to gain that weight back ever again! The program was reported on in the New York Times in 2011, in the article entitled: "Warmed-Over Atkins? Don't Tell the French" (see References below). It was not expected to really take off in the US. But over a year on, that prediction was way off the mark as this has become one of the most popular diets ever!

Disadvantages of this Diet

Are there any downsides to this diet? Sure, just as there are with any dieting plan there are going to be things about it that you may not be too enthusiastic about.

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